Taylor Warren I "lalalove" her!

OK again, I'd kill for her undies and tiny tummy. Sexy up 'do too, rollers and all... haha. She's so great!!!! :)



♥ fashion chalet said...

You make me blush, stop it!! lol, too sweet. Anyway, he made me feel so comfortable, so I'm excited to take more photos with his work behind it all. :] THANK YOU!

Taylor is one sexy thang! LOL. I love her attitude and confidence that always shines through every single one of her photographs and she isn't a bad photographer herself by the looks of things.. :]


lasha said...

her undies are cute lol

Lissa said...

She is too damn amazing, you know?

♥ fashion chalet said...


Stardust and Sequins said...

i like this song!!

kamy said...

cute underwear and posing she is so thin though but still very pretty! :x

stephanie said...

Every blogger has been on about her in the last week!

Great picture of her!


Jules said...

she looks adorable in this pic
great post
i follow ur blog care to follow mine?

Victoria C said...

those are such cute panties
is she a model? most likely, only models look good in rollers haha xx

Maverick said...

Cute photo!!!


filthy lust said...

cutest undies!!

glamur_p said...

fantabulous darling !!!

kiki said...

dark hair and pale skin is a refreshing change...gorgeous

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