Balmain's beauties

Magdalena, Anna, Raquel, Freja and Anja.



Jen said...

And I never want to eat again... Stunning!

Also - loving your Band of Horses picks! xxx

zoë said...

oh wow that picture is surreal .
too much beauty in one spot ...

the models, the clothes ..


Stephanie said...

Yes they are!
Gorgeous :)


Call Me Cat said...

lol Jen salads and celery are OK with me :)

Acrylick. said...

this is prettier than a painting

IMI LOA said...

Beauties, thats for sure!

Robbie :) said...

i could sleep.
i could sleep.

dreaming of these ladies.

FashionAddict said...

Beautiful photo. The collection was great. I loved the hair and makeup so natural and chic. Great blog, please visit mine. Maybe even link?

Chrissy said...

So crazy to see all those super skinny models in one little group! The ones on each end look like they are trying their best to out model the others.

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Stunning :)

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