Ally Hilfiger

Ally Hilfiger has always impressed me with her quirky dressing habits. Byrdie Bell is so gorgeous, never knew they were friends either.. and the WhoWhatWear Daily collage really makes my day. :)

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Victoria C said...

she's so cute. i miss her mtv show haha!
love! xx

Eda said...

She looks so sweet in the first photo. The red coat is very pretty!

The beautiful and glammed said...

I love Byrdie Bell, such long limbs, really gamine!
bisous <3 x

NADINE said...

cool pics! did you fotoshop that yourself!?
i totally forgot about ally but i really like her!!!

Rabenschwarz said...

oj, pretty, pretty, pretty!

Call Me Cat said...

I miss the show too LOL Victoria C but her "best friend" was kind of annoying on it and so was her dad.. boo :(

the beautiful and glammed i know and her haiirrrrr :)

NADINE lol i wish it;'s from whowhatweardaily.com :)

I want that coat, eda

♥ fashion chalet said...

CAT, I agree, she always looks cool I loved when she told her dad she bought some Ralph Lauren hahaha! and I agree her dad is a bore...! =[

Thanks for the MILE LONG LEGS comment hahaha made me giggle and blush, lovahhhh! xxx

Call Me Cat said...


you'reee so welcome lol, cute stuff :) and Ally's daddy is a big old bore hahha!

CRISTA said...

i've always loved ally hilfiger!! even way back when she was doing that mtv show... haha.

Vintage Tea said...

I remember watching that mtv show she done! lol.

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Jen said...

She's so cute. Looks tiny in that first photo.

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