Bowler hat.



Lissa said...

No I'm Lissa, not Valentine :]
Btw, I love these pictures.

Anonymous said...

ahh <333

Lissa said...

Wow, I feel stupid. Yes, I think it is Valentine. Haha silly me :]

♥ fashion chalet said...

i love itttt

Lula is my obsession; along with Nylon xx

thanks, darling<3

Delmy said...

You have yourself a great blog! Love all the photos...thanks for the comment!

Catherine Viriya said...

i love the glasses! great pictures!

letslivefast said...

love the shirt with the black patch!
gorgeouss (:

kaitlyn said...

amazing. i love your blog.

style munch said...

im dying over these pictures.


Call Me Cat said...

Lissa- it's OK hah! :)
Erika- I love Nylonnn too :) gorgeous
Delmy- Thanks, doll :)

Annabelle said...

i wish i could dress like this but you just know people would think you've go no fashion sense cause its extreme.
love it.

Call Me Cat said...

i know what you mean :(

Annabelle said...

no worries.
i've only just started up
and i have so much i want to post :)
where you from?

Annabelle said...

im going on a roadtip in the usa from june till august with my boyfriend and a few friends!
2 months!
i cant wait!
which state then?
manchester uk me :)

brittany said...

i am a little bit in love with your blog

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