Rachel Bilson

Always stylish, I miss the days when she was with Adam Brody. And her style back then was even cuter, if that is possible?? Summerth RIP forevereth... :(

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NADINE said...

i really like rachel's style! not hearing much from her anymore though! lovelovelove your blog! i already linked you!!

Vintage Tea said...

i am in love with her in that 1st photo! cuuuuute


♥ fashion chalet said...

I miss them together too, Summer & Seth, aw.

I love the first outfit the best. I have that same exact hat, too. It's from Urban Outfitters! YAY! =]

Thank you!! ♥


Victoria C said...

her outfits make me wish it was summer!!
i do miss summer and seth, but her fiance Hayden is sexy and Canadian, so I think I'm obligated to like him better.
lovee xxo

stephanie said...

I miss her and Adam too. I have such a crush on Adam.


alexandra said...

she looks so nice! xoxo

Call Me Cat said...

I MISS HER ON THE OC... ahhhh and Seth too :(

susie miller said...

i miss summer and seth too, however isnt she dating hayden christianson..who is hot too. great taste in clothes and men!!

Call Me Cat said...

yeah they aree together still, i think?

brittany said...

AHHHHHH totally miss adam and rachel
and them together on the oc :(

and i own everything rachels wearing in the first photo haha
i cannot wait until summer when i can wear all of itttttt

FashionChronicles said...

hahaha summerth... i liked them too!
she rocks

vogued out!!! said...

aww I do miss her with Adam, she dressed nicer too. Love affects all aspects of a person's life

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