Ali Michael - Editorial

G O R G E O U S !!! - This editorial I found on the fashion spot is glorious. I love Ali in black in white film. :)



♥ fashion chalet said...

Amazing Ali editorial. In fact I almost made a Header out of one of the images last week. I do adore the way you put them all together into one image. See, I knew you'd get great at Photoshop, if you ever need anymore tips, email me. :]

Have fun at Sephora tonight!!


Deb. said...

i love black and white photography also :)

arkasha said...

lol i also love black and white, especially hedi slimane's works. :) btw the shoot with the swimsuit looks stunning (love the wang heels!).

Rosanna said...

she's gorgeous


adthing said...

she's so beautiful! love the editorial (:

10ThMuse said...

I love it too, and the styling is so amazing!

Appeal to the Eye said...

hi darling
wow great blog I'm gonna definitly follow it

Much Love

Verena Stefanie

jamie clare said...

she is absolutely stunning. at first glance she could just be a girl on the street, but something in her is just soooooo glamorous.

Jules said...

AMazing such emotion in the last photo!

great blog!

i follow your blog, care to follow mine on bloglovin?


don'tsaynofashion said...

mmm the second picture is my favourite
great blog visit mine

Appeal to the Eye said...

ouuuu yessss


I see some compatibility in our blogs

; ))))

nice, really nice ; )))

Much Love

kiki said...

she is gorgeous...and amazing photos

arkasha said...

yes it's me :)do you have any facebook? just message me at arkasha.sadhewa@gmail.com if you want to share it.

Robynne said...

Oh wow! She is the new Brooke Shields. One of my favorite models for sure!. You have a great blog, I am following for sure!


NADINE said...

gorgeous pics! truely amazing! xxx

daisyamy said...

that is lovely, her eyes are gorgeous.

Call Me Cat said...

i don't have facebook :(

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