She goes by Risko!

It's that gorgeous Australian model, Cobrasnake girl and Myspace beauty... Christina Dietze ("Risko")



♥ fashion chalet said...

I love the song, you keep playing stuff that's on my iTunes.... :]

THIS GIRL IS SO COOL! I love her fresh faced beauty and the jackets!! :]


Leigh said...

I am missing my long hair,

THis is fantastic !!


Isa said...

I absolutely love her, such a free spirited quirky person.

oh yeah, and I absolutely love your blog- so much inspiration here!
linking you.


CRISTA said...

Gorgeous! Loving her hair & that hat!

style munch said...

shes so pretty! xx

The Fabulous Girl said...

this girl is gorgeous. aussie's are always hot with their beautfiul blond beach hair. damn them.
fab girl

phamzy said...

the hair is gorgeous!


Stardust and Sequins said...

She's got the ideal body figure, skinny and tall plus mounds of hair!! I love the first shot so very much!!


Mellie said...

I love her hair and hipbones in the first and the small of her back in the second with the crop top and cool hat <333

Call Me Cat said...

I want her hair too :)

Samantha Ann said...

shes lovely so is your blog!

Karen said...

love the pic with the hat!
to die for!

- Karen

Francheska said...

absolutely stunning!!!!
that last picture is my favorite!!!!!

Vintage Me New You said...

beautiful blog:)your music rocks!!!

Call Me Cat said...

thank you :)

Le français parisien said...

She's so gorgeous! And you're blog is awesome!

italian fashion holiday. said...

you are most welcome :)
'risko' is fierce..and i don't even use the word fierce!
love this.

Helene said...

Love these photos!

Victoria C said...

she is totally gorg! love your blog xx

glamur_p said...

yea the girl fab !!!

vanillascented.com said...

Wow! I haven't seen these photos before.

She is so damn beautiful! Mm, and the clothes are so cool.

Vintage Tea said...

she looks gorgeous

Click here to visit me at Vintage Tea!


Jen said...


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