Natasha Poly for Vogue Russia

Alice in Wonderland has got to be the best theme for modeling editorials by far. Besides, I've never seen "Alice" looking quite so gorgeous before. Natasha Poly should do the film!!!

(source) & (One M1nute Scans)


Jen said...

Aaah. Can I just be here please?

I love that bow on her head !

emma said...

so cute

Call Me Cat said...

lol Jen me too :)
hey emma, thanks

♥ fashion chalet said...

♥ yayyyy for Poly- I love this girl, has always been a favorite of mine; next to Wasson and Vodianova!! =]

Thanks for your flattering compliments, you're too good to me hahah <3


Francheska said...

This is greattttt!!!!!

Call Me Cat said...


tobaccoandleather said...

my heart melts!


Stephanie said...


anatsacia said...

fah-reak-ing perfectttt!

Annabelle said...

i'd love to use alice and wonderland as a theme in my work its so unusual. infact magical.
this models gorgeous, and the clothes. i like.


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