The Plastiscines

I just learned about The Plastiscines on Gossip girl last night.

While I'll admit I'm not 100% keen on the music I am sweet on the lead singer's sexy bang, bang, bangs! I also love the power of an all girl band. Go, girls!

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Fashion Monstre said...

ya i was watching gg too last night and that was the first time i ever heard them sing but they have amazing style too!

Fashion Chalet said...

agreed I love her hair!! and that Balmain-ian dress with the puckered-up sleeves. Bliss.


Jacqueline said...

great hair!


Anonymous said...

i really like the music on gossip girl last night b-i-t-c-h was good LOL

Subversive said...

I like that song Bitch by them. "I'm a bitch when I walk my dog"
No idea it was in Gossip Girl. Very cool.

Ore.Runs said...

They were on GG!
Quite good..



Uniqua said...

I'm totally hooked on Gossip Girl ! I love the song and I really like the power of all girl bands too !

Hippie Frou Frou said...

yea, I feel the same, but their style sure does rock!

jess s//

F. said...

i love them
&i think their older stuff is better
but on their new cd they have good ones(especially Bitch)
i didn't know they played their music on gossip girl(i've missed a lot of the episodes)
that's pretty rad.

June Paski said...

I love their music and they have amazin style, they're on gg last night,awesome!


emma said...

i saw them on gg last night too! love their look

Julia said...

I love the plasticines! I was happy to see them on gossip girl last night. Thanks for posting the pics!



Emilie said...

Love it!!!!!!

Emilie from http://whatshappeninginmyfashionworld.blogspot.com/

hanni said...

I just discovered this group the bitch song is sooo cool

Isabella said...

They're all so pretty!


AyJay said...

I have bangs like her! & had long hair like hers. i cut it thoughhh and regrett itt, i loveee themm.
& pretttyyy blogg.

- http://sophisticate-funk.blogspot.com/

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