Who knew that kid from Degrassi would make it this big and in music? He's cuter now than he was then. Don't you agree? I'm not fond of rap lyrics filled with curse words or anything anti-women, meaningless or demeaning but I can give credit to a good beat and a nice rhyme. I also can't seem to get enough of (clean versions) Houstatlantavegas, Successful (featuring Lil'Wayne) and Best I Ever Had. Plus, he looks pretty dope in those shades. ;)



Anonymous said...

He really does look much better now !

Shannon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shannon said...

I'm a huge Drake fan- of his music & hottness. He doesn't degrade women in his music, he's actually really sensitive to relationships. His lyrics are quite insightful, I think.
Other suggestions: Still Fly, Say Somethin', Forever, Man of the Year, Replacement Girl. & get the explicit versions.

xx, Shannon

Cambry Rene said...

I've loved Aubrey (aka Drake) since the beginningggs!

I've always told everyone that he would make it global, and they never believed me! Well, look at him now <3333

Another suggestion is "Brand New" (w/o Lil' Wayne on the track).
He's an amazing singer as well as rapper.

Bruna said...

I like the Leighton Meester song. Drake is cute. I like his voice. Like ice-cream. ;)

Anonymous said...

hihi what was the son gyou had on your blog before leighton? ahhh i love that song but i can't remember the name/who its by!!!!

coy colleen said...

he was my favorite on degrassi! never knew he had this kind of star potential

The Hunter said...

Love this post,

The Hunter xxx

Isabella said...

I'm glad he made it this far!


Call Me Cat said...

+ CAMBRY- I couldn't find those songs on itunes :( ?

BRUNA- Like icecream hahah loves it

ANONYMOUS- the song before was Cat Faces by Ugly Casanova :)

Lauren said...

Oh my god. I had NO IDEA that was, ahem, Jimmy. Holy Cannoli. Mind = blown.

Cambry Rene said...

I got my copy of Brand New from Limewire, back when the mixtape for Comeback Season was impossible to finnnddd!

I'll upload some of those songs mentioned in this section onto a megaupload or something for you if you would like, Cat.


Call Me Cat said...

^ please? :)

You can also email them to me 1 at a time callmecat9@gmail.com


Cambry Rene said...

Well, I'll do the MegaUpload because There are quite a few, and send the download link to your email. :]

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