A is for Alexa. R is for Rihanna and Roulette.

Rihanna's most talked about appearance these days is her interview about the Chris Brown incident. But for me it was her appearance on Alexa Chung. Check out the full length clips here, here and here. -thanks, Erika. Who else awaits "Rated R" to drop with bated breath?

(dailymotion, tfs)


Christing said...

they both look fab!! i love alexa's dress and rihanna's new hair colour!


BlueKlein said...

they look gorgeous as always!!

gotta go and see this it's on with alexa chung cap right now! thanks for sharing!!

Fashion Monstre said...

rihanna looks so cute and i like her glasses so much!!!

Brandi* said...

I really like Rhianna she seems powerfully. VOCALLY, SPIRITUALLY & PERSONALLY. Her LIVE is the most amazing of experiences (other than Michael Jackson!)

Fashion Chalet said...

Thanks for the link-shout =)
Wasn't the Rihanna makeover amazing? --I loved her hair!

Really want Rihanna's lace by Karen Rose sunglasses as well.


l e s l i e said...

Is this song her fight back at Chris Brown. I feel so sorry for the trauma she went through. HE HAS NO EXCUSE. the end!!

Fun blog just came across it today but will surely be coming back as it is bookmarked now.

Stardust and Sequins said...

I like those glasses and her new song too. :-)

s x d

Anonymous said...

They both loook great ! I love Rihanna new hair. The blond looks amazing on her

Girl in the loft said...

shit she's hot!!! her style is just too amazing.


bijoubijou said...

I cannot WAIT for the album!! I actually just saw RIRI @ a club in LA where she played her new song "so hard" off her album (which I am obsessed over!) & it actually was the inspiration behind my new post !! check it out bijousstyle.blogspot.com

tastythreads said...

hey cat!
it's Nia from music & tastythreads. I loved that interview too! i'm obssesed with alexa chung and her show...just did a post on her.


JadeRose said...

I need alexa chung's dress in my life. And that divine gold, nearly arm length bracelet too :))

Jacqueline said...

Rihanna always looks good to me!



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