Gone Gaga!

Thoughts on Lady Gaga's new Music Video, Bad Romance? I'm not that into this song in particular but her style has me crazed, or should I say going Gaga!?

Gaga adds with a wink in her eye, “And, now, I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time.”

(youtube, google.images, LadyGaga)


Isabella said...

Lady Gaga is the best!


Anonymous said...

I love the music viedo ! She's a genious. She's the coolest person EVER. She is probably the most weirdest person on the earth.. I think that is what makes her such a genious !

Moselle said...

I agree, I don't love the song but her style is unreal. Love the purple nail polish in the 2nd picture.


jack bespoke said...

new video was another joke, dont like her at all...just a bit exaggerated for me, would be more interesting if the designers who do her clothes got more attention, cause they prob deserve it


elisabeth said...

Oh I love Gaga!

B a la Moda said...

She is so provocative.
B* a la Moda

Fashion Chalet said...

She reminds me of Christina Aguilera for some reason- i think it's the long thick, blonde hair. No?

I like her in that first photo and the nails in the second =)


Lainey said...

I wasn't into the song that much either in the beginning, but is sure does get stuck in your head. I think the song is great now. But the video is even better with it's avant-garde feel. She looks gorgeous in it too.

Ellevictoire said...

The Gaga is amazing :)

Mimi said...

The fashion in that video is amazing!! I watched it 5 times just to note all her outfit changes. Great post!! :)

Adri said...

I honesly can't get over the song and video....the video is so amazing and so innovative..I like that she is her own person and creates her own trends.

Anonymous said...

love the gaga pics

Jacqueline said...

music video is interesting to watch. i agree!



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