54 days until Christmas

Wildfox garb + Rayban shades = HAPPY ME!

YSL, stands for Yes!, Sir Laurent.

Hanneli's Alexander Wang bag + green, blue & purple shoes.

Mary Kate and Ashley's head-to-toe ... entire wardrobe, perhaps?

Start making those Wish Lists!!

(Src: tfs, tumblr, olsens-anonymous, wildfox blog)


NouvelleMarcelle said...

Thank you. I now know I am not the only one who started this process today. I found myself wondering 'is it too early for christmad muic?'
Very encouraging.
Lovely list by the way, all things divine.


Christing said...

those ysl tributes would be the perfect present! timeless!


MIA said...

it's exciting and scary at the same time: christmas is coming and the time is running out!

Mimi said...

gorgeous post! love the purple shoes with the all black outfit. I absolutely cannot wait until Christmas! :)

hannah elizabeth said...

oooh yes PLEASE sir laurent!

ha i love how ashley's wearing mk's chanel glasses - those babies have been around for years and they still top my christmas list :)


jessica said...

yay ! today i was actually thinking about making a list :]

Faridah said...

Gahhhh! What a great wish list.
"YSL, stands for Yes!, Sir Laurent."
hahaha, that's awesome.

Jacqueline said...

great wishlist!


Fashion Chalet said...

I wanted Christmas music today hahaha :) and it's both scary/exciting like MIA said-- can't believe it's *almost* here. =)


Cherie said...

i think i'll just print your list and sent it on its way to Santa ;)

Kirsten Leigh Kuehn said...

your wishlist is perfection!

{uninhibited fashion}

Luxe. said...

The twins look amazing there.x

Liya said...

wooooooooo all these pics are inspiring

espesh the twins....i LOVE THEM


Emilie said...

MK and Ashley entire wardrobe!!!!!!!!!!!

Glamour Bbey. said...

Love it!

Lainey said...

I want everything as well. So I'm totally with you there! Can't wait for Christmas.

coy colleen said...

those ysl shoes will never do me wrong. mary-kate & ashley's wardrobe..if i could get my hands on THAT omg my life would be complete

S and O said...

That shoe looks majestic!!!! Gosh I want it:D I love all this imagery seriously I'm going into shock at all the beautiful lookies on your blog!

Iris said...

Still love wildfox and the Olsens,

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