Image of the Day

This image has such attitude. I love the power stance behind it all.
Zuzana Gregorova Photo-by Jimmy Backius



Cindy Whitehead said...

Love this post! GREAT!!

I added your link - thanks to you too. Following you on Bloglovin - if you like mine can you do the same?

Dream Sequins said...

Fierce look! What kind of fur do you think that is?

Kim said...

Amazing photo:) so energetic


Kim xx

MidnightsSun said...

this screams alpha female
love it!


MIA said...

yeah, it's true.

Isabella said...

the hair is amazing!


Fashion Chalet said...

ALPHA FE-MALE, love it Midnight sun! =)


valncami said...

Fabulous photo! Nice blog. come check out ours:)

Miann - Fashion Falsehood said...

She like fuck you, my legs are 2m long!

kpeach said...

really love this pic xo

kpeach said...

ps want to exchange links?

Fashion Chalet said...

Not sure if I rememebered to tell you but I mentioned you on my Feature here. :)


Juliet P. Zawedde said...

She's definitely a little old for the trend...but u have to have respect for a woman who can still rock it and look good at that age. check out http://www.thebowtiesociety.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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