Mischa Barton

Even while smoking, which I find to be a foul habit, she looks pretty. Her boots are so cool too. :)




The lilac-purpley bauble, on her ring finger, so resembles the one I got from ICE.com. Amazingggg. I love this girl!!! xx

I love you and your blog, too! ;]


tobaccoandleather said...

well she doen't look happy, but she does look beautiful as always


Fashionology said...

She looks amazing!

jennifer said...

Ohhh my god these pictures are amazing ! x

style munch said...

she does look great here - i feel like she went through a loser stage for a second you know? like some really gnarly fashion choices lmao. but when shes good shes like really good xx

Elizabeth said...

she always looks so beautiful
i love her outfit!

Anonymous said...

Loving her hair!

zoë said...

aaaaww mischa looks so sad .
and sorta tired ?

but real .
and i love that leopard print scarf .
i want oneee ♡

Kiki said...

she looks sad....but still gorgeous

Francesca Tan said...

I cannot agree more with you. She's really pretty in any angle i believe! Im loving your blog btw :) so many yummy pictures!

DAKOTA said...

Me asusta espiar a la gente de esa manera, no les parece invasivo? Está triste y lo único que pueden decir es que es linda...

I'm scared of spying people like this, don't you find it invasive, to take her a picture looking sad like that and all you can say is that she's beautiful!?

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