Michael Oats, again!

I just love him. And I want her shoes like right now, if possible?? :)



phamzy said...

i second the motion! those shoes are amazing!


Lissa said...

Beautiful shot. And shoes!!

Stephanie said...

her shoes are h&m- I bought them on impulse last fall and thank god I did because I wear them 24.7- the rubber sole is the perfect snowy/icy canada heel! lol!

Michael has my vote to replace Jurgen for MarcJacobs!!


Anonymous said...

those shoes are insane!

Tasha Franken said...

I have those shoes, they're from H&M, really cheap so try and get a pair! Even though I bought them in February maybe they're still around


Suze said...

those are my shooooes!
i like your blog 2!

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