Hard To Live in The City for Whitney

Yeah right!!! Whitney Port has got the life. I'd lose Jay, though. Whatever happened to that really hot model who obviously liked her a whole lot? And will you check out those shoes?? Can I have them all?? :)



M said...

nice ankle boots!!

jennifer said...

Urgh I avoid programmes like this because they make me soooo jealous! Those pink shoes! Aaaaamazing x

Winnie said...

Yes those shoes are great!

Rebeca Muinelo said...

Love these shoes(L)
I have the Tailor warren's trousers!

What is Reality Anyway? said...

i love their footwear!


I want the pink and the ones on Whitney (in the middle!)

I was so glad when Whitney dumped JAY! I hope Allie does the same with her Jerk.. and how great was it when Lauren came on?? I miss the model hottie too... haha! :]


Kate. said...

OMG, where can I get shoes like that? I want all 3 pairs! x)

Elizabeth said...

those shoes are way too amazing

Chloe said...

The pink shoes are fantastic! I would love for them to be on my feet.

alissa said...

ugh im with you - i cant stand jay. or olivia really haha
but i do love all of their outfits!

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