Some Things About Me!

Because I'm feeling so very bored.... by the way, isn't Theodora Richards beautiful???

  1. I can never tell a lie without smiling or laughing.
  2. I wish I had jet black hair like Leigh Lezark.
  3. I need to find these rings, help me please???
  4. I always swallow my gum after having chewed on it for a multitude of hours..
  5. I never like to put on makeup when I have a day off from work or school, I like to feel free and 'breathe' for a bit...
  6. My insta-girl crush is on Zooey Deschanel.
  7. I would do anything to own a piece of Chanel, Balenciaga or Proenza Schouler.
  8. I would love to meet the editors of Le Smoking Image, KnightCat, Cartoon Styles, Fashion Chalet, Hande's Closet and Bones + Stars!
  9. I sing along to Jamie Cullum in the shower every morning, Photograph is my favorite.



tobaccoandleather said...

i almost forgot how much i love that photograph of her, there are some great ones from that shoot. there's one with her stood in a mirror topless, smoking a cigarette? its gorgeous.

i'm pretty sure i drew this photo a while ago, i'll have to dig it out.


oh and question number 1, i am exactly the same!! worst liar ever.


1. me too hahah!!
3. i love them as well, but not a clue, sorry.. :[
5. same!!!
6. agreed 1,00000000% she's so pretty!
7. yep about Balenciagaaaa. :]
8. aw thank you, ayyyy I want to meet the others too :]
9. I love HIM!

Juliana said...

so pretty
I swallow my gum too lol.


tobacco and leather lying is sooo hard haha

cool i like your answers fashion chalet

cryystal.ball we must all stand together us gum swallowers hahaha :)

tobaccoandleather said...

the picture is up on my blog

sorry it's quite small, god knows why i didn't save the bigger file!

i have a couple more i'll post as soon as i get this essay done :(


Kaila said...

Gorgeous photo!

cute list heh xx

Kaila said...

ps. i am in love with your blog, care to exchange links?

alexandragrecco said...

sooooo pretty! xoxo

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