Daria Werbowy and some Spilled Facts!

  1. I hate talking to strangers when standing in line, but somehow they always find me????
  2. Libraries are so quiet and serene to be in, I love sitting in one for hours, doing my homework (wayyy better than
    being at home and for some reason I'm more productive there!)
  3. Daria Werbowy is adorable in this photo, I just had to use it. I love the angst!!!
  4. Birdcage heels are on my MUST GET list.
  5. I like McDonald's breakfast.
  6. When I was little I always imagined I'd become a dancer someday.
  7. My favorite thing to collect is stamps (kinda nerdy, I know) but I have some from all over the world, that's gotta
    be kinda cool right?



you're always SOOO sweet
love the facts and DARIA!



Stephanie said...

the stamp thing is so cool. My dad is a MAJOR collector and I find it to be such a wholesome and (very exclusive depending on the stamp) hobby :)

Great post!

Elizabeth said...

woa those shoes are amazing

Everyday Dress Up said...

cool site!

i love that she collects stamps.


Eli said...

mc donalds breakfast = the only thing I eat there

Anonymous said...

ditto on the #1!! haha...

Linda Lu said...

Lucky you, my local library is so crowded after school hours. It's the same as being at home with two screaming brothers.

agueda said...

i love daria, she´s great in this photoshoot... terry richarson?
great blog :)

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

oh i love sitting in libraries also! could stay in one for hours too :)

xxx LM

Cari said...

I was never that great at studying in libraries. Love the soda throwing haha. http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com/

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