Snake Heart

Cold. Vicious. Sexy. Nonchalant. Cool. Illuminating.

(source: unknown.)
src: stillinberlin.com ?


Jess said...

I think this is the first shot of have actually like snake skin pants. I think there a tad skanky.
But they look fabulous on her!. I like how she has kept the top half simple. Sweet post darl x

Anonymous said...

lovingggg her leggings/pants
thanks for sharing

check out my blog @

Francheska L said...

the source is stillinberlin.com!
awesome heh!

Anonymous said...

ugh. simply love this

Anonymous said...

now i know exactly how to style my snakeskin leggings for day time. mmm, snakeskin!

Lauren said...

I love how she manages to make snakeskin leggings look classy instead of trashy. Awesome.

Hannah said...

i still can't decide on snakeskin ahh.

she does pull this off incredibly though, the blazer and heels definitely prevent it from looking skanky


JadeRose said...

those pants equal amazing. Beyond amazing in fact. And to die for legs.

Claudette said...

What a bold look. Wish I could pull this off!


Medstudent Barbie said...

Love this! Definitely inspirational!!!

She's paired down those disgustingly amazing leggings so effectively!

I also love the other subtle details like her wispy ballerina bun, patent black heels, minimal make-up and silver rings.


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