Ali Michael backstage Burberry and Luella

I like it when I can catch a glimpse of a model eating, laughing and having fun. It's great to see their smiley face as much as it is to see their serious face walking down the catwalk.

(Src: tfs)


ChristingC said...

i love backstage photos! the bow and eye makeup in the first pic is fab!


LD said...

love to see backstage shots!


"coy" colleen said...

the makeup in that first photo is intense! i also love seeing models just being themselves :)


Love these photos!


freyja said...

I love backstage photos :D


I love this song and of course, Phoenix! :)

Ali looks so gorgeous @ Luella, those eyes, that hair; the bow!


Fashion By He said...

looks like a party back there

hope you had fun


mia said...

they are people, not machines!

KP said...

so beautiful! one real test of beauty is that they still look that stunning in awkward candid shots.

I added you to my clog list-heart this blog

Lori said...

i love backstage photos too and I love Ali. I'm glad that she was able to get help for her eating disorder

Izabel said...

who is the girl in the second last picture?


Anonymous said...

these shots are FANSASTIC
love the first one especially

check out my blog @

Sweet_Tooth said...

These shots do a great job of bringing modeling to life in a relatable way!

Oh and for some reason I have the sudden urge to go out and buy a huge black bow.

ScribbleBabbles said...

I always love Ali Michael since the first day I saw her :D I love her make up in the first photo, she looks dolly ;)

trinity said...

3rd photo is a favorite such clear & creamy skin! (=

3ate4 said...

Couldn't agree more, love backstage photos.

michelle_ said...

i love her new hair color :) but makes her look rather old dont you think?


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