Watch This Face: Maiara Walsh

My younger readers may recognize her (Maiara Walsh) from The Disney Channel show Cory in the House. Others will recognize her soon, if you haven't already. She's slated to continue her role of Ana Solis (Carlos's niece and Gaby's new 'teenager' in the house) in the 6th season of Desperate Housewives premiering Sunday, September 27th. Her voice and attitude as Ana Solis reminds me a little of Willa Holland's Kaitlin Cooper from The OC. I can't wait to watch 'Ana' stir up some more trouble on Wisteria Lane.

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Dominique said...

She is pretty! Beautiful smile.

Lainey said...

She's really cute! I love her eyes!


Oh my Gosh! Thank youuu for the ID. I finished up Season 5 yesterday and kept wondering who she was. I do agree on the Kaitlin Cooper-voice thing. Kind of "too cool for school" attitude thing. ;)


Ela said...

She's so pretty and has the most beautiful eyes. She's a little trouble maker, looking forward to seeing what she'll stir up.

Hannah said...

she kinda looks like miley cyrus - in a good way, miley is my guilty pleasure :)


Marina Siero said...

she's so beautiful, but i didn't know her!

Rika Sulaiman said...

aww.. i know her from cory in the house and i really love her voice ! :)

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S.Elisabeth said...

Aw she's gorgeous, I wish I had those eyes!
And yay I can't wait for Desperate Housewives, haha I loved Willa Holland's character in the OC

Anonymous said...

she's soo pretty!

Nata Amores said...

She's gorgeous, and I do remember her from Corey in the house, and I thought to myself, "She is wasting away at Disney channel" so I'm glad she's moving on to greener pastures, she deserves it. (:


PH said...

wearing that white before labor day... cool

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