Snejana @ Alexander Wang

Football never looked so hot. And I am a big fan of nude lipstick/gloss and stripes containing the white and red palette. Snejana's hair is pretty perfect too. TOUCH DOWN! *rip Swayze :(


Hannah said...

agreed times 10000 - is there anything wrong with this entire look?? and i hate football haha.


JadeRose said...

Oh i agree wholeheartedly. Football has never been more attractive. She is gorgeous. Loving the plaits on the runway, so feminine and sassy

bri. said...

wow. i skipped monday night football bc i just dont understand the craze...but now i sort of do. and if i can wear THAT, then see ya monday.


a l i c i a a a a a said...

i hate football, i hate shoulder pads but WANG can do NO WRONG. 2 Wangs can make a RIGHT turn! ;)

Anonymous said...

these shots are flawless
thanks for sharing

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Emilie said...

Love the hair and the socks!!!!!

Fashion By He said...

agreed, they make football look really hott

come check out my blog when you can. its the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


Bianca said...

i love those braids.

Anonymous said...

love the look.
love the braids.
love love your blog.
exellant picks.

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