Currently In Love With. . .

Cat masks

Acid denim

Alexa Chung

Anja Rubik

Dree Hemingway

(Src: tfs, tumblr)


Dannie said...

the shorts in the first pic are amaziing
and as always, alexa chung is adorable!

"coy" colleen said...

i love that first pic.

freyja said...

alexa chung :) :) :)


Cary said...

care for Dree's nail color, Alexa's bag and the photos of Anja and CAT MASK GIRL :)

Hannah said...

love them all - i kinda started getting bored with alexa's outfits a while back - she always wears similar things. but i think i've embraced it now haha.


bernice p. said...

did you copy my list ? j/k great post! :P

Cindy Van Dyck said...

Damn! Great looks!

la petite fashionista said...

you and me both!:) fantastic images & i love the denim & lace close up shots at d&g below!

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

i LOVE this blog, it's brilliant. fantastic name and the pic of Alexa Chung is so full of innocence. i really like the cat mask as well saw that image the other day and fell inlurve.
Will definatly be following your blog from now on.x x
p.s:music is brill!

NouvelleMarcelle said...

I love dree as an ice queen.


polly said...

o h
m e
t o o
g o r e g e o u s
c h o i c e s . . .

d i e s !

Iole said...

you can't say it better...totally agree with you!

j-shan said...

i absolutely agree with your list :)
amazing blog defs following


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