Caroline Trentini looks so cute sipping on Pepsi in first, those clear Prada sandals and then in those massive (I think Givenchy?) platforms, second.

When I get a new pair or spy a new style I kind of get this surprised excited expression painted onto my face and lips. ahah. ;)

Do you?



couldihavethat said...

give me those Givenchy platforms - sigh!


couture whore said...

the platforms are sick! i would die for them. who needs men..? x

Anonymous said...

the first photo is amazing. I love everything the clothes the ambiance. everything the shoes of the 2 photos are fantastic!


Cindy said...

i love her.
the first photo is adorable, she's such a little actress. have you seen the shot on garance with all the editors in their prada chandliers? awesome shoes, although in person they don't look like they're worth 1000$+

Ore.R said...

Love the shoes in the last pic



Anonymous said...

love that last outfit on caroline. she's so beautiful and cute

Fashion Chalet said...

Those Givenchy wedges are so sick and so need a spot on my shoe shelf! ;)

I love this editorial.

YAY to Golden girls fans, let's recruit some more.. ahaha!


marie said...

I often make that same face as well!! and usually gasp in public in stores when I see something I like...it gets a little embarrassing haha! <3

Kitty Cotten said...

the wedges! they are to die for!



Karoline said...

YES! I am in love with the Givenchy platforms, so amazing!

.moni said...

Oh my.These pictures are brilliant!!I love love love them.Trentini owns it :D


Tangent Magazine said...

We love those Prada chandeliers! What an adorable editorial.

xo Tangent Mag

Yvonne said...

love these!


kelly frances said...

the hair is fantastic. i try to do that, but i dont quite pull it off


Brigitte said...

I actually really love that she's watching a movie alone... gives her a strong womanly independence. :) And ferocious beautiful style!

LRB said...

Great editorials! I can't seem to stop wearing my highest wedges so far this summer. I'm sure if I had those Prada's they would never leave my feet until fall.

vivalablonda said...

OMG this photos are aaaaaaamazing!

lovely blog!


Chiara Ferragni said...

Want Prada chandelier heels so bad!

A. said...

Wow <3
I kinda love Nicholas Hoult :))
but the sandals look great!!

Chioma said...

i prefer the platforms in the first she reminds me of michelle pheifer for some reason

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