Pretty Little Liars

Cause two can keep a secret
If one of the them is dead…
- The Pierces / Secret

This series has a chance, I feel it in my bones. Was fun to spy Piper Perabo Torrey Devitto who was once on a short-lived abc family series that I also loved, Beautiful People.

The middle one, Aria, reminds me of Rachel Bilson: tiny, and adorable. What's your take on the other 3?



Fashion Chalet said...

SAME--I got sucked in :)

I found it cheesy at the beginning in the Barn but then it panned out to more than just Okay. I noticed the Bilson vibe as well. I mostly liked the secret little notes and how each girl seems to have her own personal little secrets with "A" that even the others don't know about.. I'll keep tuning in.

Ps. Ren is a cutie (The guy who is set to marry Spencer's older sister, Melissa!) Accent and all.. sigh!


Maxine said...

it looks better than gossip girl XOXO

Jocqulene said...

piper perabo isn't on that show. it's Torrey DeVitto that plays melissa.

i speak mojito said...

honestly....after seeing a million ads on tv and ads prior to trailers in movies...ive already seen enough--sometimes they just OD on the advertising--not that i would watch it anyway it's kinda not my thing but the ads definately killed any shot lol


Emilie said...

Really want to watch it!

Tanita said...

is it any good!?
hope it's the new gossip girl,
is that possible?

ch'check out my blog


Lysa said...

definitely better than GOSSIP GIRL! -minus- the fashion.

Luisa said...

I definitly want to watch this, I hope it's not like gossip girl, I mean gossip girl lost it's charm in the middle of the second season.


Marina Siero said...

very nice blog!

Anamarija said...

Oh I've just watched the first episode :) totally loving it!

Oh yea I thought that Ren was the cutest too ;)

Anonymous said...

i am obsessed with this show and books! except piper perabo isnt in the show lol i think youre talking about holly marie combs from charmed. the girls are beyond gorgeous and the show is going to be amazing!

Dazzled said...

The parents sucks especially Aria's dad Chade LOWE? <-- needs to come out of the closet me thinks. And is Emily's mom a bodybuilder? Did you check out her arms. ew.

maximilian said...

saw the pilot, I like it!! it brings me back to Season 1 of Gossip Girl all over again. I'm intrigued, i love Aria!! and her cutie teacher is undeniable. I'll keep watching, and i hope it'll be as much a smash as Vampire Diaries has become.

patty said...

I actually like it! I've read all of the books in the series, and I hope the show turns out to be as addicting as them. Can't wait for the second episode. And yes, Aria has that Rachel Bilson thing going on! Spencer looks old, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

The blonde kinda looks like taylor momsen

Call Me Cat said...

^ yeah I thought that too (but only in the picture) not IRL or on film..

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