Light Magic

Abbey Lee and Kate Moss own it anywhere, everywhere in anything.



Lori said...

abbey in that VS photo... DAMNN!!

TatoOm said...

amazing blog, im gonna keep and eye on it!!
PlS visit mine whenever you feel like it and if you wanna follow me i wont stop you;)

PaolinaBM said...

Kate Moss looks really good in that picture!! She's an evergreen!


rouli said...

this last pic is amazin!!!!!!!

love so much this outfit!!!!!!!!



Lauren said...

Abbey in the victoria secret pic, hot! xx

Karoline said...

Abbey is the best!

Fashion Chalet said...

YES! Gorgeous!!

I love the first shot, like a doll in a Tropical dollhouse. :)

PLUS, Abbey walking on glitter !


Lola Re said...

It's a scientific fact. Lola Re

JJ Scholl said...

The hottest VS angel wings! out of this world

JJ Scholl

Anonymous said...

The first two photos are breathtaking!


K8 said...

I agree one hundred percent! Abbey is one of my fave models these days.

Fashion X K8.blogspot.com

Carolina Krews said...

Love this pictures..and Abby is soo special :)

xo, Carolina

stacey kelly said...

AGREED. they are both so amazing.



Rockhampton Lawyers said...

Love the first one and last one. God..that green dress so lovely

FREYA said...

abbey is so stunning!

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