Barbie Hair

I once had a Barbie with metallic pink hair. Does anyone else remember having one?

Doutzen Kroes in V 53 SUMMER 2008



Fashion Chalet said...

I did!!! Except mine was purple hair. :)

This is so gorgeous. SAVINGGG!


Karoline said...

I did'nt play with Barbies actually! But I love the hair!

Geisha Pearl Vintage said...

I loved Barbies when I was little. My mom said i used to dress them all up in outfits, line them up in my room and made her come see them :) I guess i started young in the styling department!! haha

love the blog!


Allie said...

I had it pink hair, purple body right!?!? My firend had the silver one with pink hair =P

Elysia said...

OMG this brings back the memory of when i was rock star barbie for Halloween with my pink metallic wig, DEFF gotta go look for a pic of it haha , i must say the silver is much hotter in this pic xo

Robbie said...

I didn't have one but always wanted to!

I did have to wear a wig like this once for a dance show though, favourite part of my costume!

Love the blog. xoxo


marie said...

awesome picture. I love the studs <3

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