Rachel Bilson: Lately

Plaid shirts, deconstructed cut off jean shorts, studs, flats, shift dresses, coffee, silk poof blouses and ponytails. Why is this girl so freaking adorable in anything and everything she wears!?!?!?!

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ellevictoire said...

i really admire rachel's style. she's always so effortlessly casually cool (if that makes sense).

UNordinaryChic said...

i love rachel bilson. however there isn't really anything special about what she wears, she just looks great wearing it!



Ore* said...

Its true she always doesnt look so so good in the simplest clothes...may be its all about simplicity!



Arianna said...

haha that first pic is outsider Little Dom's on los feliz blvd in LA, and i was eating there near her and we walked out just before her and the paparazzi were in front of us. she looked really annoyed though, i felt bad for her!!

coy colleen said...

i love her style! it's very effortless. she needs to come out with a movie soon, i haven't seen her in anything recently

L said...

the shorts in the top picture are topshop

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love her ponytails too!!! :)


Lilee said...

very tue, she looks amazing in anything!

reeba said...

the last outfit is the only unflattering one on her but the smile makes up for it :]

wild.crazy.beautiful. said...

It's very hard not to hate her style

Faridah said...

I love this girl. Her personal style is simple, but so awesome. x

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