Hide Me Away

I feel like crap these days, unmotivated, depressed, bored, sad, alone. I woke up 3 times this morning and crawled back under the covers each time. I don't know what is wrong with me? These images of Ashley Olsen being hounded by the paparazzi embrace what I feel.... any ideas on how to chipper up?



Sarah K. said...

Aww, I'm sorry! Get out of the house, though! Moping around my house always makes me more bored/restless

Tenny said...

i'm sorry you feel that way. i have those days too, but i agree with sarah, sometimes you just have to make yourself go out and be productive to feel better

Ore* said...

Go shopping...if not call a friend...if not watch a funny movie!
Think about everything in your life that makes you happy :)
Don't think about sad things coz you will just become more sad...
You have a great blog which people love including me, that is one thing that should make you happy!



Cindy said...

go see the hangover, it's so funny or go for a drive/walk/run with good tunes blasting.

coy colleen said...

keep your head up! i think you need retail therapy :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

'MK space' ahahah :) loved that comment thanks, dear.

When I'm feeling blue, I like to sleep it off too. Music and fun TV programs can help. ALSO, get OUT of the HOUSE. Do something with some friends or a boy. ;)



Anonymous said...

Focus on the good things you have in your life and be thankful for them! Think positive thoughts and positive things will happen. Life is what you make it. Make a list of all the things you enjoy or have enjoyed in the past and do them!
Remember there are always people out there in far worse situations than yourself.Live each day as if it's your last! x

Francheska said...

Oh man! how annoying! i totally understand how you feel though because i have these kind of days ..even weeks a lot!! I guess maybe these kind of emotions evoke from change that happens to your life or maybe you´re just tired of it all! the most important thing is to seriously appreciate the little things in your life and not focus on these negative feelings!! Watch a really sad movie and just like cry for a while .. let it all out and then take control over how you feel and just focus on the good things that are going on for you!!
Also just think about it ... we live for like what .. 80 years out of the billion of years that "life" actually exists? just think what a waste of time it is to be unhappy and sad for more than a day!
I know im rambling on but I really hate it when people feel this way!! :) hope you´ll be motivated and excited about life very soon again!

freyja said...


NEW blog !! ;**

Call Me Cat said...

It feels so good to see this support thank you. I know what you mean Francheska one day of sadness is a waste when we have so few to enjoy. I will try to bring my chin up, thank you Erika. And I will lean on some retail therapy and tv time too. :)

I feel better now and am actually smiling through somewhat watery (but happy) eyes. :)

corey said...

Breath in
Breath out

cry over a sad book or film, eat some chcolates and then leave the house when you see others with worse problems everything will come full circle and into perspective soon enough enjoy your health and creativity !!

wild.crazy.beautiful. said...

Try ice cream and/or chocolates! :)

Karnikova said...

friends are the best best instant help you can get ;) plan a weekend out of town with them and just go to a sunny place ;)

Emilie said...

Love her Givenchy bag!

Hello, darling said...

Call a friend and buy a big tub of ice-cream ♥

Dias said...

Hai, Easy to judge the mistakes of others difficult is to recognize our own mistakes

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