Hung Up on Chung!

A (awesome) L (lovable) E (energetic) X (xtra-cute) A (amazing)
Alexa Chung alphabetically cool.



Sophie said...

Oh my gosh, LOVE! This has totally inspired me to buy turquoise nail polish ( : Thank you.

Faridah said...

She is loveeee!

Tee Sea said...

I am really loving her ice blue nail polish and that siiick ring in that first pic!!


Crazy said...

Love how she is already in the Christian Louboutin Nitoinimoi boots!


Emilie said...

She's gorgeous!
Great sense of style!

CATI said...

i love her!

NADINE said...

very great alexa shottsss!


Chanel Björk said...

love the photo's.. alexa is so stunning!
notice the nail polish she's got on, i think it's new from Chanel
definitely the nail polish for next season!

Fashion By He said...

hey i posted your link on my blog...would love for you to do the same...your blog is great


Carolina Botelho said...

I just love your blog! :) xx

Morning Glory said...

I love me some Alexa!! And, I'm also OBSESSED with that YSL ring like everyone else.

heleen said...

Great post! And your blog is just madly inspirational.

Indie Bella said...

I think Alexa taking over everyone's blog at the moment (including mine!)

Lauren said...

I especially like the over-thick leopard sweater in the bottom one!

Ellie said...

the booties in the third picture are sooo cute
any idea where they're from?

Nico.P. said...

i love her!!
and im really digging your blog <3
and great taste in music haha

j-shan said...

ohh alexa is amazing.
love the pics youve posted of her

check out my new blog
shanrantings.blogspot.com :)

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