Very Miami

These images from Interview magazine made me think of Miami, the 80's, pop music and Erika. Miami will miss you... I can't believe I am finally getting to go to Miami (in December) and you're moving now!!! :( MeLissa if you're reading this, you're my hero too hah and those shoes are so fierce and made me think of you too.

(Src: Cartoon Styles)


Lissa said...

Hahahaha thanks Kitty :]
Those shoes remind me of Erika so much, and now you too! Despite how much I love the pink ones, these place ones are FIERCE.

MrJeffery said...

these are cool and fun... esp the teal (or blue?)!

Kirsten Kuehn said...

i need that blue vest!


Fashion By He said...

awesome pictures!!!!


Fashion Chalet said...

awwe, thanks dear!! :]
x L O V E T H I S x
i might make a visit in Dec. ;]


Anonymous said...

the motion in these pictures is GORGEOUS
so beautiful

check out my blog @

Sweet_Tooth said...

All these lovely bloggers coming and going through Miami!! Makes me feel I need to get down to FL.

Love love loving the COLORS in these looks.

Jacqueline said...

love these photos!


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