Fall Dressing

Sheila Marquez

Jessica Stam


Sveginy boots

This time of year always, always gets me. I love Fall clothes the most.

(Src: Knightcat, Stockholm street style, tfs, jak&jil)


jack bespoke said...

love the nubby jacket from the first pic, ahh yes fall is so much fun, layering just gets more and more creative. close up of jess stam is tooo beautiful sighhh
would love it if u checked out my blog!

hannahlizabeth said...

i love the second photo - can't figure out if she's wearing a fur vest over a leather jacket, which would be so totally rad.


Fashion Monstre said...

i totally agree that fall is the best fashion season...but are those spikes on the leggings in the third picture??!!! cause if they are i need to know who makes them!!

Jacqueline said...

Love fall clothes too!


Jane said...

this is so great..
Platinum Jessica is totally hot!)

Emilie said...

I absolutely love fall clothes!!!!! Second and third pics are my fav!

B a la Moda said...

Sheila is my favorite. I love this girl. She is Spanish!
B* a la Moda

Maria Tavares said...

Freja and Stam just made my day! =D

Dani said...

I love your blog... it really inspire me at all!!


Fashion Chalet said...

That Sheila girl is all over huh? I'm personally smitten! :)


Beth said...

Gorgeous photos!
Love these quiilted bags :)
Haha and i agree my "wish list" always grows at this time of the year :P

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