The Sound that Comes from Silence is Music

Erin Wasson. RVCA 2009 at Fashion Week.

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Anonymous said...

Nice page and song.

Ursula said...

Oh i love these pictures. They kind of do inspire me. Nice blog.

Yvonne said...

Thanks! Your blog is lovely and these pictures are beautiful. :) Linked back.

tobaccoandleather said...

Hey, are you new to blogging? I started mine yesterday. Yours looks great so far! These pictures are just great, i love Erin Wasson!

I was wondering how you got your pictures so big on the page??.. Mine just get cut off by the blank side margins :/



Francheska said...

i love saving inspiring photos too! I have like 100000 saved !!
I love Wasson!
Interesting blog :)

You want to exchange links?

francheska x

Francheska said...

Ok it´s done!
thank youuu! :)
I´m liking your blog a lot !!

Dooder City said...

How much is Erin the coolest girl in the world?
I even was like, wait what kind of cigarettes does she smoke...I am such a nerd.

♥ fashion chalet said...

omg gorgeous I love this woman!! =]


tove said...

oh erin is so pretty!
lovely blog :)

Elisa said...

i linked you back. i like your blog too

glamur_p said...

o and she is my heroine!!!

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