Saturday Morning

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What do your Saturday mornings usually consist of?

Mine: Copious cups of coffee and crazy print pajamas :)

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caramellitsa said...

hm..i d say hot chocolate,checking out my fav blogs,e-mails etc..while listening to music...

Morbid Angel said...

I'd be like sleeping a lot in the morning and then cup of coffee or green tea! ;p

lizz said...

trying not to wake up but for some reason i always do at like 7 a.m.

Sophie (www.myveryownlookbook.com) said...

lovely picture!


Liza Chloë said...

Doing my nails, groceries, laundry. And yours?


Savannah Marie said...

Sleeping in & then cooking the big breakfast I don't have the time to make during the week, hanging with the kiddos, relaxing with my manfriend, catching up on magazines & blogs & getting ready for the big photoshoots I do every Sunday.
Not on the list: the gym.
I <3 the weekends!
Have a beautiful Saturday!
Savannah Marie


sleeping in, then everything "caramellitsa" said... ;)

x X

Kerold och Carolinas reflektioner said...

I have a similar pajama, I think it's crazy cute.

thestyleflux said...

Comfiest clothes+coffee=best saturday morning ever!

Unknown said...

crazy print pjs are awesome


Snakeskin Jacket said...

Lovely cosy outfitt. thats exactelly what I need on weekend mornings!

Mine uselly consist of a massive but healthy breakfast + too much coffee + watching old soaps in bed.

xx from London



B.Weber said...

My morning usually is work, and Starbucks to give me energy.

Love the PJs


SAMANTHA said...

love this photo. today i worked at my coffee shop all day but normally coffee and breakfast in bed with the food network on :) hahh


Janet Saucedo @StudioBlueJewelry said...

You look adorable. I wish I could relax on Saturday mornings :( Weekends are when I take care of sales so I'm envious of those who sleep in. If I could I would take my cup of coffee and blog all morning.


I would for you to visit my site <3

a. said...

For me it's usually a cup of chai tea, a bowl of fruit and my ridiculously comfy (but not quite as cool) PJs.


kristina said...

love the picture !
where can you get the PJs? !??!?!?!?! they are awesome !

kristina said...

Love the picture !!!
Where can you get those PJS ? They are awesome !

A.P. said...

Omg thos pj's are adorable where did you get them??? They would be a great vday present to my sister

Mon said...

PJ Pintrest with my sister Vicky and lots of coffee.


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