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I'm on the hunt for the perfect end of summer bikini. Which do you like best?

(1) Ruffled Purple (2) Tribal Print or (3) Neon Orange ??



Bronzed Humanity said...

She just as gorgeous then as she is today. love.
really loving tribal and neon right now :)

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Closet Cravings said...

I love when someone can make a one piece swimsuit look super sexy. =)

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Lesedi said...

she's so pretty. love it


s said...

looooove ;)

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Reptilia said...

She looks so young!
Neon Orange, definitely!



SAMANTHA said...

that ruffled purple one is great! love this shot.


Anonymous said...

I love Adriana Lima :)

I love the ruffled purple! Those beats and gorgeous.

- ninon

Nicky said...

ew, none of them :/

Anna said...

I'd go for the ruffled purple one... but like the neon orange too!

Lauren said...

Adriana is just perfect.
I would go for the purple ruffle one.

Damsels said...

end of summer ? :(

carla said...

Neon Orange

Kirsten said...

Randomly loving neon this season.

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