Ruby Aldridge in Paris, New York and Milan

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Ruby Aldridge travels a lot, per her modeling/job requirements. I like her edgier style. Her sister is very prim, and girly, and very cute. But there's a darkness that surrounds Ruby, which I also like.



Sasha Maria said...

Love Ruby Aldridge's style. She never disappoints.

CATHY said...

Her sister is prettier/sexier but Ruby is mucho cooler

Maryam said...

She's a cool chic!!

xoxo, Maryam


A Fox That Meows said...

she looks so interesting love it
♥ A fox that meows http://rochellefox.blogspot.com/

ava natasha said...

love love LOVE ruby!

The Style Spook said...

She is surely a girl crush worthy, chica! I like her rough and tough mixture with the rare feminine touches. Yes to Ruby! Good lookin' out with her as a style inspiration! Dope show!

Closet Cravings said...

Ruby is a master at edgy style. =)

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Claire said...

Haha nice fatty j

Made in Chicistan. said...

haha i was about to say is she smoking a joint?!


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