Brittany Murphy is Gone???

I am literally sobbing. I love her. I cannot believe this. Tell me this is all just a (very cruel) joke!????? :(

Some of her most memorable film quotes:

"Cher, I don't want to do this anymore. And my buns: they don't feel nothin' like steel." - Tai (Clueless)

"Stop living your life like you're in some kind of movie." - Emily 'Jacks'
(Love & Other Disasters)

"Somewhere along the way I just forgot what I wanted to do with my life..." - Abby
(The Ramen Girl)

(imdb, tfs)


"coy" colleen said...

i couldn't believe it when i heard about this. rip

Lauren said...

oh my god

CATI said...

soooo sad

M. said...

I LOVE her in love and other disasters :( ugh


Yenny said...

omg i can't believe it.
it's always sad when someone so young loses their life.


Anonymous said...

so tragic. she was very talented. r.i.p.

Jennie said...

So sad I know :(

"suck the marrow out of life."

I found you by way of Fashion Chalet.

I like all of your pictures.


leflassh. said...

so so sad =[
rip brittany.

luis said...

I like your blog :)

Faith said...

unfortunately it is true.
soooo sad.
especially growing up on Clueless.
unbelievable year, this one.
so many gone.

Every Little Counts said...

i am so shocked! obviously i didn't know her, but i am so sad.

fashion tadpole said...

I was sooo in shock when i heard this! She was truly an amazing actress with such charisma. Such a shame:( r.i.p.




Lisa & Cathy said...

i understand
its hard to believe as well :(

The Sound of Lace said...

My FAVORITE movie was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. Hilarious!! Sooo sad!


Lainey said...

I know...i thought it was a joke at first. i asked my husband about 5 times, and he kept saying "yes, it's real..." I watched Riding In Cars with Boys this afternoon, and it was so sad.

Sailor Jamee said...

so many dead celebrities in 2009. so depressing.

Unknown said...

Is really sad!!


I feel so terrible for her family and husband :( such a travesty! :(


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