Natasha Poly & Alexander Wang

Natasha is the quintessential cutie. While Wang is simply divine.

2 loves.
AHHHHH finals are KILLING me softly & ever so slowlyyy. More updating soon. Promised, fingers crossed and all that.



rhianna said...

Thank you for the lovely comment dear...it made my day.

I LOVE these two with my life...I actually saw them during fashion night out. I made this shirt that they adored..and now I have a life size picture of the three of us + magdelena & hanne above my bed TRUE STORY! i was so overwhelmed i didn't even realize that her arm was around my shoulder.

I died.

keep having breakfast at barneys.

mlle. mode



YES TO BOTH Wang & Poly <3

And Look! I'm in good Company! :)

We're both on StyleCaster, did you see yet. here

Thanks for your sweet pleasantries, dear.



I hope you get some relaxing in once your finals are over! Love the photos.


Francheska L said...

Gosh good luck with the rest of your finals. natasha is just freaking heaven! x

Lau said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cindy Whitehead said...

could Alexander Wang be any cuter? omg

Natalie said...

cute poses by natasha! looks like she's just being herself :)

Everyday Dress Up said...

coolest cats in town.

Style Stars said...

LOVE THIS PIC! a.wang is magical.

ps i too am suffering through finals, should be studying right nowwww HA

fall in love with miroslava duma:

mia said...

alexander is divine, not only his clothes as himself. beautiful and so sexy.

MrJeffery said...

groovin' to ratatat. awesome. love the pics! peace.

thehautepursuit said...

I heart Natasha Poly! She's really made a name for herself...I love the side-swept braid.

xxxxxxxxx said...

wow natasha and alex are the best combination ever!! xx


Cindi said...

te amo,

your blog is EPIC!


Natalie Suarez said...

love this post! natasha poly is amazing! :)
and good luck with finals :)



Blonde Caviar said...

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Anonymous said...

According to Harper's Baazar, "People have taken to him (Alexander Wang) because he's CUTE, first of all, and young, cool, and hip and very nice to deal with."

Alex is absolutely GORGEOUS, charismatic, talented, adorable and down-to-earth to boot.

"Everyone knows you as this cool guy who the girls like to hang out with [Wang laughs], but what is so impressive is how mature you actually are even though you like to party. How clear, how hardworking, how intelligent, and how very human..." (Diane von Fürstenberg)

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