7 Loves "tag"

Thanks for the tag Bohemian Musings
  1. Furs (fake, vintage, luxurious!)
  2. Cocktail rings, the size of the world!!!, on my pinky finger
  3. Cafe lattes
  4. Reading in the rain by the fireplace :) makes me happy
  5. Cats, especially kittens
  6. Sipping on Lemonade while sitting poolside
  7. my iPod mixes for Summer walks and runs
I can't pick only 7 people, so I tag all of you cause I love all of my readers! :)



Anonymous said...

t h i s
p h o t o
i s s o
s t u n n i n g.


Anonymous said...

1. chanel
2. the row
3. cartier tank watch
4. coca cola
5. karl lagerfeld
6. balenciaga
7. alexander wang

t h e l o v e s o f
m y l i f e.


NADINE said...

great shot! totally in with just about everything you named too! xxx

Katy said...

OoOoh amazing image, love your list of 7!

M said...

Lofely pict. I agree with "Noir Blanc..."

stephanie said...

I l o v e
the picture!!
it's perfect!!!!

ELVINA-MAE said...

if i had a fireplace...i would agree whole heartedly with your number 4...

Rachel said...

so, so, so much fun!

Anonymous said...

This photo is Amazing!!

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