Summer with Sasha Leibowitz

I love the color of the Ocean, makes me want to jump right in. I don't know who the model is on the right but she reminds me a little of Jessica Stam and Sasha Pivovarova. G O R G E O U S!



stephanie said...

i l o v e e v e r y t h i n g
about the second picture!!!


JULES said...

the second pic of the unknown model is amazing, the styling is just enough.

great post, really it gets me in the mood for spring!


Style On Track said...

Great stylist :)

Laura said...

The outfits are really amazing!
Love the colors!
x Laura

Anonymous said...

I need to go the sea..
and get my legs in shape, harhar.

I tagged you, have a look!

Sarah-Mary said...

gorgeous pics! I hate seeing pics like these and not being near a sunny beach :(

Kaila said...

Gaah she looks so good.

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure she's Britni Stanwood

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