Pink Bottoms

Cutie pie, Amanda Norgaard



Fashion Chalet said...

So sweet, I love pink. I miss jumping on beds as a kid.. lol.


greta s. said...

I want a pair of pink pants now.

Ishka said...

Doesn't it just take you back to when we needn't any brasserie? Carefree days...


RenateR said...

So cute. And photous are very good.


Blue Bastard! said...

wooow great blog :D

Irene said...

This blog inspires me every day to take my pictures. Really love it!


Anonymous said...

do u know where the pants are from ?

whora said...

super c-ute.


Eden said...

These shots are amazing!

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Jooey said...

sooooo cute!! i love her sweet smile.

SONYA said...

These pictures turned out really cool. Making it super cute.

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