Ballerina, Bambi, Bruna



Tenny said...

i love that bruna editorial. she's breathtaking in it

Fashion Chalet said...

I love those Bambi shots, she reminds me of a Fortune Teller. Bruna has the best smile. :)


La fashionelle said...

I loooove Bambi! She is amazing! Love her eyebrows!
Kiss from Greece!

Amalina said...

Is the girl in the last three photos Bruna? She is so gorgeous...why have I not seen her anywhere else before? She kinda reminds me of Shay Mitchell who plays Emily Fields in Pretty Little Liars. So beautiful. xo


Anonymous said...

I know i love Bambi, but i haven't noticed Bruna before. Love the last photo of her, stunning!

xoxo, http://heelsandwedges.blogspot.com

A.n.E said...

So gorgeous and captivating shots.

Nastya Gud said...

i am so in love!
camel tones, banbi, bruna and light throuth the window = to die for!

with love,

Anne said...

Amazing photo's! xxx

fashion clocked said...

the first shot is so beautiful and delciate and wow to the bambi shots- so mystical, love all the rings and the marks on her hands!Katie.xxxx
fashion clocked

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