You Got a Fiery Soul

Pink lipstick & lace.

Tom Ford lipstick in Fire Engine RED!

Cobrasnake & SRC.

Fashion Chalet has a banging collection of shoes. Balenciaga & Dolce? Drool!

Just started Vampire Diaries yesterday (on iTunes) Team Stefan!

Florals, braids & feathers at Stolen Girlfriends Club @ AFW!

Will Holland is the coolest teen.

Shake it fast!

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Fashion Chalet said...

Such a cool post. I'm just honored to be included. :)


Esther said...

beautiful collection of photos; stolen girlfriends is amazing & that's my favourite picture of it too <3

S.F. said...


I think you might like my new blog too, so I'm inviting you to visit and follow...



fashionclocked said...

So beautiful love stolen girlfriends shot and the red lipstick shot is too hot!
would be great if you could visit.
fashion clocked

leila said...

and SGFClub~!


Cindy said...

vampire diaries is the best! one of the most well written shows on tv, which is shocking considering it's a vampire show on the cw.

MargieF said...

really cool photos

Lori said...

love the backstage photo from stolen girlfriends club.

thanks for including me as well ;)

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

Excellent post..great pics!!


i speak mojito said...

LOVE the smudgey red lips
and also the feathers in the hair??
i began wearing that around nyc like 6 years ago and people asked if i had pigeon feathers in my hair
hahaha who knew that it would turn into sucha stylish thing?


*belita* said...

Stefan is H-O-T. So are the shoes & Willa. ;)

Fuji Files said...

This post makes me ready for the weekend :)

xx FujiFiles

couture whore said...

blond and pink hair, so awesome!

Collage Vintage said...

Like your blog, i found it right now and i´m following you XD.

Visit my blog if you want: www.collagevintage.com

Little Birds Words said...

I Love the braids with feathers! Looks so cute!

Take a peek at...

Lore. said...

great pictures!


Tiny Quirks said...

TOTALLY was a stefan fan, until like a couple episodes ago! damon <3

awesome picutres, love willa holland

Kristen said...

Isn't vampire diaries awesome?! I'm totally addicted!

baby rozi said...

DAAAAMN that red lipstick is wonderful.. and the haircolor make it even better... looove red lpistick on brunetts... wanna be a brunette nooow, exactly this colour.... should I ?

AleRCRUZ said...

hi =)
hola desde méxico, oye me encantaron las fotos, he estado pensando en un cambio radical de imagen y me diste buenas ideas =)
from http://aleslookbook.blogspot.com/

Hazel said...

Wow, the first picture is gorgeous!
Willa Holland is definitely THE coolest teen ever
But Damon is so much hotter than Stefan! hehe

ólöf said...


Lainey said...

the girl with the feather in her hair. Omg, gorgeous.

lafashionelle said...

Great selection of pics! My credits to you!

Adri said...

Vampire Diaries is a huge obsession for me...i can't get over HOW HOT DAMON IS!! but im totally loving the photo of tom ford lipstick...its pretty sick

Brett Sutcliffe said...

I love that Tom Ford lipsticks the color is just so right.

melissa said...

Team stefan too. I like good guys.
I love the selection of pictures.

Great blog!

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