Solid Walls

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor wears red.

Christine Centenera and her wicked cool shoes.

Massive Monsters.


Trippy wallpaper. I want it in my room.

Ruby Aldridge is Pocahontas cool.

Lollipop, lollipop, oh la la lollipop (+ Chanel!)

Hippie Hippie cool.

Norgaard packs the best rings. Rumor has it she was robbed of her rings and iPod. :(

Magdalena Frackowiak Figaro June 2010.

(Ffffound, Cobrasnake, Fashiongonerogue, tFS)


Fashion Chalet said...

Pocahontas Ruby = so adorable. I love the anklet. And the Chanel earrings look like candy. HEAR HEAR on Amanda, she's got the sickest collection of rings .. I heard about the rumor too :( and one last Hooray for that Hippie/Hippie image- LOVE THAT! =)


cora said...


Kristen said...

I freaking love those rings!! They are so awesome!!!!!!

fashionclocked said...

atlanta is awesome- always love her attitude and style. Incredible chanel and lollipop such a lolita vibe with the dungarees too. Such an inspirational collection.xx
fashion clocked blog
kisses katie.xxx

Tessie said...

I'm a fan of those Christine sandals so pretty for the Summer.

Anonymous said...

Love christine Centenera she is such a fashion hero!


Sarah Grace said...

I love the Massive Monster shoes. They're gorgeous.

xx, S.

Anastasia said...

my personal fave are the shorts!
the studds look so perfect to me

Mama P.

rouli said...

amazing post!!!!!!!!!

love love love everything!!!!!!1

visit and join:))


i speak mojito said...

sooo now I have to buy a stud gun and stud everything I own///and those rings are indeed lovely. I would cry like a little baby if I lost those.



Amazing images!!! Lovely shoes...

AlejandrA said...

i love the pics!!
cute outfits!

Lily said...

A little bit in love with the massive shoes. So big and glittery. xoxo


K8 said...

I would really like to know where Norgaard's rings came from...I think I might need them...emphasis on need :) Great photo set, I'm loving them all!

Fashion X K8

Anonymous said...

love this post!

cool blog!


Syukie said...

Magdalena Frackowiak totally Howt!!


Stardust and Sequins said...

sick rings that sucks they stole them from her =( thanks for inspiring me babe. :-)

S x D

districtstock said...

love this post, all the pictures are so aesthetically pleasing!

this free bird said...

that first pair of shoes is enough to make a girl faint!!


JJ Scholl said...

Crazed over Ruby's Pocahantas anklet!!
I recently posted a native american tribute - do check out - http://jjscholl.wordpress.com/2010/05/11/menominee-spirit/


Anonymous said...

very inspirational! Love the last photo


ashford said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVING the hair on that chanel lollipop photo

briauna rose said...

every single picture i this post is great almost seductive whiich is weird for me to like becuse usually sexy things make me extremley uncomfortable even the word in itself. i just started a blog when you get a chance please take a peek

with that, briauna rose.

JoeyAna said...

gahhh Noorgards rings!!!
i wanntt!!


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