Batgirl gets Sleepy too

I remember first finding these images & falling completely in love with them. All the while not even knowing who Abbey Lee was. Anyone have the rest from this particular ed? I'd greatly appreciate it if you shared them with me. :)



Jacqueline said...

Great photo! I would love to see the rest also. xo


confessions of a marc addict. said...

agreed, i had that last photo saved on my computer for months before realizing it was abbey!

Eli said...

almost looked like MK olsen at first

Margaux Brooke said...

I remember this picture... the 2nd one.. I love it!

♥alicia said...

ditto on seeing the rest!!!!


Fashion Chalet said...

I loved the one of her in a yellow dress under a tree. Can't seem to find it now though? :(

Title made me smile <3


danitrece said...

I love the after party feeling...


dancinginchiffon said...

lovely photos!

Fashion Chalet said...

I knew I commented this before, didn't I?

Anyway love the PJ's and the tile made me smile. :)


Fashion Chalet said...


D. STRAPPED said...

oh my god ! i remember these.

this was years ago i believe.

i did an end of the year project on myself for history and put some of the photos from the shoot in my project.



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