Star-Crossed Lovers

Enjoy the day of chocolates, red hots and kisses. My favorite couples of all-time? Angela Chase & Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto). Romeo (Leonardo DiCaprio) & Juliet (Claire Danes). I'm a big Claire Danes fan. :)

Other Valentine's day points: wings, angels, cupid, red, Queens, the 90's.

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Jacqueline said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Gorgeous images. xo


Sofie Marie said...

Wondeful photos as always! We've been studying Romeo and Juliet in English,and the movie is just so lovely(and obviously tragic!) ^^

caviardreams said...


Tastes Eclectic Fashion said...

Happy Valentine's Day! These are such beautiful images.

jack bespoke said...

my so calllled life. ugh god bless them 90s.


♥Lola said...

Love the second photo! So pretty :)

Christina said...

i love lacy clothes!!

happy valentine's day!!

coy colleen said...

everything about this post makes me miss the 90s :(
happy vday!

Fashion Chalet said...

Happy Valentine's ♥

Angela & Jordan... sighss!!

and that IS the best Romeo & Juliet I used to watch it over and over with my cousin and we memorized the lines haha. ;)


j-shan said...

awesome colletion of pics :)
loved leo and claire in romeo and juliet.
hope you had a love-filled valentines

Wrecked Stellar said...

Loved Jordan and Angela. Still heart Jordan!

ryder said...

im a leo fan :=))

Clare said...

The top image is stunning, Happy Valentines Day!



Molly said...

I love the angel look...especially when pretty lace and frills are involved. Cool combination of pics!

Jac Hawk said...

girlfriend ur pictures are phenomenal.. keep it up, i love what u got!!


Sequins♡Sparkles said...

nice pics! hope you had a nice valentine's day!

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