Sasha Pivovarova editorial that reminded me of 1995 film, Hackers. I can see Angelina Jolie walking proudly through her high school halls in these clothes... No?
Check out the Prada shoes... lust!



Fashion Chalet said...

Sasha is so versatile in her editorials. I love that about her.

Hackers is one of my favorite movies and Angelina's role in it. The Sasha "scream" shot is fierce! :) loooove Prada.


Jacqueline said...

Cool photos! xo


Emma said...

sasha looks amazing, especially the last shot. such power.


bravegrrl said...

i love sasha. and i love hackers :)


Valentine Devlieghere said...

You have a great blog!
Best of luck! ;)

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x Valentine

Fabi said...

cool pictures!

claulovesfashion♥ said...

OMG!!... this pics....really amazing!!! Sasha Pivovarova....incredible!!*^

Visit my blog&follow me! =;-)



kpeach said...

love this film reference-there's something v 90s about this styling-love Sasha xo

Ugly Cute said...

Sasha looks so awesome with that hair!


inked said...

COLOR! I love it

Zanita said...

Oh your blog is brilliant, thanks for the new inspo.

Clara said...

amazing pics!!

Champagne said...

Love the editorial spread. I remember watching Hackers for the first time when I was still in elementary school. It was good film.

A Stylized Hysteria said...

Wasn't Angelina the most amazing thing in Hackers? I fell in love with her and her white nail polish. Anyway, this editorial is incredible!

stylesparkler said...

Incredible! The scream shot is my favorite.

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