Which Fashion Model do YOU Prefer?

My Pick; Masha Novoselova.

Erika's pick; Regina Feoktistova.

You decide! Erika and I were facebook-ing last night on our favorite models. Which one is yours?


Young Damsel said...

i would have to go with erika's pick--she's gorgeous!

Young Damsel said...

take that back--saw more picture of masha and she is divine!

Cindy said...

m a s h a. stunner.

Valeria said...

hmm, deff masha! shes stunning

alix-bean said...


Blan said...

Masha is gorgeous

Damsels said...

i ahve a few but natalia V is one .natasha poly .cecelia mendez...sasha coco the list goes on

Bombshell Kitten said...

Both are quite stunning in their own rights. Dramatic vs. Organic. Can't we have both? (:

Anonymous said...

I think I like Masha better but not 100% yet... need to think it over!

For the Sake of Fashion

Karnikova said...

geeeee my favourite are karmen kass and masha pivovarova

Christing said...

masha! she is stunning and unique!


cryystal.ball said...

i agree with Erika!
byut Masha is so pretty too =)


Mia said...

Regina Feoktistova she is sweet!

Emilie said...

Masha Novoselova!
She is stunning!

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