Olivia Frølich

Olivia Frølich amazing stuff!!!



Gold Dust Women said...

i can never get enough of flower crowns
they are so sweet!



♥ fashion chalet said...

i swear you and knightcat are like my morning dailies to visit :)


Anonymous said...

song and images ^^

NADINE said...

very beautiful! they have something serene about them!!!


Anonymous said...

interesting post.
i have one exactally the same.

M I A N N said...

She's so angelic. Why haven't I seen her before


Emma said...

soo pretty :)


Karnikova said...

i simply looooove black&white fashion photographs! there is a certain somethin' :)

zoë said...

duuude she's stunning .
and amazing eyelashes much !!
your blog rocks .

Francheska said...

the first photos are just amazing!!!!!


Citizen Couture said...

great photos and song selection! I'm listening to the Band of Horses album now!


andrea said...

lovely photos

Chels said...

too too pretty!

Jypsy said...

these blew me away.
thanks! i'm new to blogging but this is definitely one of my favorites!
i love that song and everything you have :)
take a look at my blog if you would like. i'm trying to share what i love with the world
have a good day!

Jessica said...

so pretty !
just like everything else on your blog ♥

Mia said...

She is so beautiful. I love these photos

Severin said...

Olivia Frølich is the photographer :)But definitely nice pics! And a lovely model.

Anonymous said...

hi! I'm looking for the web site of Olivia. someone knows the url?

martha said...

gorgeous series of photos!

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